Multimetru analogic YX-360TRD Profesional

40.00 RON
Multimetru analogic YX-360TRD Profesional


This is a heavy-duty tester further improved in operability and portability. The tester is vibration-resistant because of superiority in the designing of integral hard case, so that panel surface is free from scratches. The connector less testing leads mounting shortens measuring time, and prevents loss or disconnection from occurring, thereby enabling reliability to be maintained. The lid of the case can be used as a stand, and reverse folded and fixed to the back together. Additionally, the case also carries a hand-strap convenient for hand-carrying.
Capacitance Measurement :Capacitance of an AC capacitor used in an AC motor can be measured with C range switched to. Damage-Free Measurement :Measuring insulation resistance up to 200M ohm at a low voltage enables you to measure insulation resistance without damaging objects to be measured. Resistant to Drop Shock :A taut band meter adopted protects the meter section from drop shock. Stabilized Indication :Used of a high quality inner magnet stabilizes the indication of an indication needle.


In conformity with IEC 1010 CAT. 2
Protected by body cover that also serves as a stand. Carrying case is not required.
Test leads can be neatly stored in the hard case.
Enables you to measure high resistance (up to maximum 200M ohm) with low voltage.
Capacity-measurement function(0.1F-10F).
Overload protection up to maximum 230V is provided.
High sensitive taut band meter with shock protection is equipped.
Provided with short strap for easy hand-carry.
The panel cover is free from dust and water drops.


Meter sensitivity__ 48A
Range switch__ Manual
Accuracy guaranteed temperature & humidity range__ 232'c45-75% RH
Operating temperature humidity range__ 0-40'c, 80% RH Max. No condensation
Power supply__ R6 x 2
Fuse__ 0.5A/250V (20mm)
Accessory__ Instruction manual, Hand strap
Dimension__159.5 x 129 x 41.5 mm
Weight__ Approx. 320g

Function Range Accuracy Remarks
DCV 0.1V 5% full scale Input Impedance 20k
0.25/2.5/10/50V 3% full scale Input Impedance 20k
250/1000 3% full scale Input Impedance 9k
ACV 10/50/250/1000V 4% full scale Input Impedance 9k/ V
30Hz - 100Hz within 3% full scale(AC10V range)
DCA 50A 3% full scale Voltage drop 0.1V *1
2.5m/25m/0.25A 3% full scale Voltage drop 0.25V *1
OHM 2k/20k/2M 3% of arc Center value 20
Max value 2k
Release voltage 3V
200M 5% of arc
C 10F - *2
dB -10dB --- +22dB(for 10VAC) --- + 62dB - Input impedance 9k/V
Li 0 - 150mA at X 10 range Current across test pins
0 - 15mA at X 1 range
0 -150A at X 1k range
0 - 1.5A at X 100k range